Jun 252008

Last night at the YMCA I decided to try a cycling class. I used to like bike riding, back when I was in shape. I figured I’d follow the class for as long as I could, and then just sit and pedal steadily for the remainder of the class.

I lasted about ten minutes with their “sprints-and-uphills” program. Damn, I’m a wuss. What really did me in was the part where we cranked up the resistance and stood up to pedal. After that I was just trying to make it to the end of the class.

The worst thing was the bicycle seat. It was tiny. You’d think well-padded ass like mine would have no trouble sitting on anything, but that little bike seat was torture. I must be doing something wrong; nobody else seemed to mind ’em.

So today my legs are falling off and my butt hurts. I may actually have bruising on my posterior. I don’t think cycling class is for me.

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