Jul 072008

Towards the end of last semester, Super Smart Guy mentioned that he was going to be leaving his part-time job once classes were over, and starting his own business.

Being the soul of tact, I immediately started asking about the job he was leaving—what it was like, whether the hours were flexible according to his class schedule, and who would be replacing him. He picked up on my subtle hint and told me to bring in a résumé and he’d pass it along to his boss.

Potential Boss and I have talked a few times since then; this afternoon I went out to meet him and discuss the job. We seemed to get along well, and the job sounds like a good fit: I’m looking for a part-time job that will let me learn the trade, and continue working part-time for a number of years until the kids move out. He’s looking for someone who can improve their knowledge and competence in the job and be a long-term employee, part-time or otherwise. We talked about the hours I could work with my class schedule in the fall, I gave him my little portfolio (thank you, English 114), and he said he’d be in touch.

It’s not official or anything, but I think I might be starting work in August. Wish me luck!

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