Oct 152008

Last Thursday I posted that our Business Finance teacher was giving us a take-home test to work on over the fall break. Since we had six days to work on it, and had our books and notes to refer to, I couldn’t think of a reason not to do well on this test.

Clearly I’m lacking in imagination.

With every assignment we have to turn in, our instructor (who I shall call State Fan, as she is a fan of our nearby college’s sports teams) stipulates that they are due at the beginning of class. Before she starts the lecture, she’ll make a last call for homework to make sure we’ve all remembered to turn it in. Anything turned in after that is late and gets marked down.

For the take-home test, same deal. State Fan made sure to remind us last Wednesday that we would need to turn in the test at the beginning of class, and late tests would be marked down twenty points. This should have been a clue to all that she was quite serious about tardiness.

Ten or fifteen minutes after class started this morning, one of the students strolled in and took her usual seat. A few minutes later a second latecomer arrived. The State Fan continued with her lecture and I forgot about them until the end of class, when I overheard them expressing shock and dismay that their tests would be marked down twenty points for being late.

I wonder if the instructor went back to her office and banged her head against her desk for a while. I know I would have.

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