Nov 282008

Yesterday we had the traditional turkey, with all the various sides that each member of the family is partial to. Getting that ready was about the only real work I’ve done since school let out Wednesday.


The Alpha Geek has scheduled his check ride for next Friday, so today he’s going to be getting in as much flying time as he can. The boys and I will do some halfhearted cleaning up of their rooms and the kitchen, but for the most part I suspect we’ll be lounging about on our new couch and watching television.

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m thankful that we have a new couch—and that we have the means to get a new couch, and a nice holiday dinner, and flying lessons, and college classes, and numerous other luxuries that many don’t have. We’ve had to make cuts in the budget, but we’re still doing well, and I appreciate that we have so much. Especially that we have each other.

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