Jan 072009

I assumed that once I completed all the required courses, the college would send my diploma. I don’t plan to attend the graduation ceremony, so why make me wait until summer?

You know what they say about “assume.”

Turns out they only give out the diplomas in May. So, while I have completed all the requirements for an Accounting A.A.S., I won’t technically have the degree for four more months.


Actually, I don’t much care—I know I earned it, I’ve got all the knowledge in my head ready to go. The only reason I want the paper is for the benefit of potential employers. And they can just call up the registrar’s office and confirm that I’ve got it, right?

Luckily my husband has worked on the other side of the hiring desk, and was able to set me straight. Potential employers can call the registrar’s office and ask if I have the degree. The registrar can then answer yes or no. Because of privacy laws, they cannot elaborate; they cannot say “No, but she’s done all the coursework and she’ll get it this summer.”

So I’ve updated my resume now to say “I have completed all required coursework for an Accounting A.A.S. and will receive the degree in May.”

Good grief. I haven’t even gotten into the corporate world yet and I already have to learn the lingo.

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