May 012009

Researchers find common genetic variations in autistic people:

The review showed that most autistic people examined have a genetic variation in a portion of their DNA that affects the way brain cells connect with one another. Scientists also reported a link between autism and small “mistakes” in another DNA segment involved with cell communication. Both reports add weight to the idea that autism is related to problems with the way brain cells connect.

This comes hard on the heels of news that Dr. Wakefield, who established a link between MMR vaccinations and autism, faked his results. Now we’ve got parents refusing to get their children vaccinated—leading to outbreaks of measles—and researchers trying to publicize actual facts getting death threats from rabid anti-vaxxers.

It’s genetic, people. The docs have suspected it since before Wakefield’s report in 1998, and now we’ve got DNA evidence. Really, wouldn’t you rather know what is actually causing autism, instead of blaming the wrong thing and doing more damage?

  One Response to “It Really IS Genetic”

  1. cbc.caThe anti-vaxxers, though, are still out in force, tinfoil hats and all; read the comments to this version of the story.

    Headdesk. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I tried, but it’s like trying to teach a brick to tap-dance. Sigh.

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