May 202009

Last night, the boys and I were able to coax Duchess into the carpeted living room. The Director sat on the kitchen floor, and the Artist and I sat in the living room; she followed our human relay into the new, unexplored region of the house. At first she only got her front feet on the carpet, and that was just too strange and she went back to the Director for reassurance. Finally she came all the way into the living room to get petting from the Artist. We don’t need treats to lure her; petting and attention is all the motivation she needs.

Later, after the boys were in bed, she came into the living room again for another wild new experience: she got on the couch with me.

She liked the couch. She stretched out, kneaded, and even flipped over onto her back for a moment. She was too antsy to stay there long, but she clearly enjoyed it.

She also ate all her kibble, so I’m no longer worried that she’s going to starve herself because she’s too tense to eat.

Now she’s hiding in the basement to recuperate from her adventures. We’ll probably see her again tonight.

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  1. Still no pics??? SHEESH!!!


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