Jun 132009

It’s official—last night we attended The Artist’s graduation ceremony. We watched him walk across the stage, accept his diploma and shake the principal’s hand, and move his tassel from right to left. He is now a high school graduate.

There were times we wondered if he was going to make it. His first two years of high school were less than impressive. However, in the last two years he’s matured tremendously; he’s been setting his own goals and taking responsibility for achieving them. (His next goal is to get his driver’s license. $DEITY help me.)

We took him out for a nice dinner afterward. He was dressed in a nice shirt and a tie—I believe it was the first time he’d ever worn a tie—and he was the best-dressed person at the table. We kept teasing him that the waitress was going to hand him the check.

By now he’s probably quite tired of hearing how proud we are of him.

One down, one to go.

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