Jun 182009

The Graduate

That’s my boy.

He’s got me running errands today; he’s preparing for a mission trip with his church group, and I’m the gopher—my job is to find work gloves, track down the hammer, run out and buy batteries, do last-minute laundry, and so forth. Tomorrow I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn to chauffeur him to the church to meet the bus, and then I won’t see him again for a week.

Sir Walter in a tutu

They had their graduation ceremony in Raleigh’s new convention center. They kept us on a pretty tight schedule, as there was another graduation before us and a third after us. And all on a weekday, so there was also the normal downtown workday traffic to contend with. Somehow mild chaos just seems an appropriate part of the whole ritual.

The seniors celebrated by dressing up the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in a pink tutu. I think it suits him, don’t you?

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