Jul 022009
What happens… When you/your friends do it, it is… When other people do it, it is…
1. Post a critique of a piece of fiction: Perfectly legitimate commentary on something you read. Bullying and persecution.
2. Make disparaging personal remarks about a writer: Totally fine. The writer deserves it because you don’t like her she hasn’t earned politeness or respect. Bullying and persecution.
3. The writer responds negatively: Standing up for yourself. You are bravely fighting back against unjust criticism, and exercising your right to free speech. Pathetic, attention-seeking behaviour. They are whining and should grow a thick skin. Furthermore, it is an attempt to suppress free speech.
4. The writer’s friends respond negatively: Admirable. They are loyal and true and standing up for their friend. A mass attack. They are a bullying cabal who are banding together to persecute you.
5. Totally unconnected observers respond negatively: Impartial validation of your position. They are clearly sensible, intelligent individuals who came to a fair conclusion totally on their own. Dogpiling. They have been brainwashed by propaganda and/or are secretly in cahoots with the bullying cabal. Either way, it’s more persecution.

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