Jul 062009

I went to AccounTemps today to fill out tax forms and take an assessment test. I was a bit worried about the assessment test; I finished classes in December and I haven’t done anything accounting-related since. But the test was just the basics (which I guess is to be expected since I’m applying for entry-level positions), and I did the basics for two and a half years while working on the degree. Test was no problem, and I scored well above average on everything except the 10-key data entry. Since I’ve never actually learned 10-key data entry, I am not surprised by this result.

The Artist and I went out to Wake Tech last week to see his advisor and get him signed up and in the system. This afternoon we sat down and planned out his schedule of courses for the fall semester. Then we went to register for the classes.

And we were denied, because he’s still a minor. He’ll be eighteen later this month, but we want to register for these classes ASAP to make sure we get the ones he wants. I phoned and left a message with (I hope) the appropriate department, who will theoretically phone me back by tomorrow night.

One of my former instructors saw me with The Artist last week while we were getting him registered. I talked to him today while dropping off some more paperwork for the kid, and he said “I saw you out here with your brother last week.” Stupid me, I went and told him the kid was actually my son. But still, it’s kind of cool that I can apparently pass for a big sister of a high school kid.

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