Aug 112009

Today I took The Artist to take his driver’s test and get his actual license. He was ready. He was eager.

He was uninsured.

We called our insurance company when he got his learner’s permit, and they said he was covered under our existing policy and didn’t need to be specifically named as a driver until he got the real license. However, it turns out the DMV won’t even let him test until he’s specifically named on our car insurance as a driver.

So we trudged back out of the DMV.

On the way home, I detoured into the mall. “We’ll assuage our disappointment with Orange Julius,” I told him.


“Mitigate. Smooth over,” I clarified. “Kiss it and make it better. The problem with having a writer for a mom is that I use words like assuage and ubiquitous in everyday conversation.”

“What’s ubiquitous?” he laughed.

“Means it’s everywhere.” I was getting out my cell phone.

“Oh, so God is ubiquitous.”

“Right.” I dialed Alpha Geek. “He couldn’t take the test today. We didn’t have our 27B/6 form.”

“What?” (I was surprised he missed the reference, but I learned later that he’d been busy rescuing the cat.)

“He has to be on our insurance before he can take the test. We’re going to Orange Julius, do you want anything?”

He didn’t. We got our Orange Julius drinks, and pretzels from the Pretzel Twister, and eventually we felt suitably assuaged and came home.

To be honest, I’m a bit relieved. Because as soon as he gets his license, you know which car he’ll be driving most? My baby.

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