Aug 232009

Duchess is getting the hang of being around people. She’s learned to tell us when she’s hungry, and when she wants someone to play with her, and when she just wants some petting.

She still hasn’t realized that she can also call us for help.

She’s developed the habit of sneaking in behind me when I go into the master bedroom. Sometimes I’ll just step in to put away my hairbrush or get my shoes, and then leave again without realizing she’s darted under the bed. And I close the door behind me.

All the cats I’ve known till now, when locked in a room, would set up a caterwauling until someone came to let them out. Duchess doesn’t say anything, she just tries to pull the door open by herself. It’s not that she doesn’t talk—she’s a very chatty little cat, and talks to us constantly. It just doesn’t seem to occur to her that people would be a source of help, or that they would come assist her if she called.

Fortunately The Director’s room is across the hall from ours. Yesterday he heard her scratching at the door and let her out. Then she started talking, greeting him and telling him it was dinner time. I hope she figures out how to say something when she needs a hand. People can be very useful for things like that.

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