Oct 202009

Either my blog has just made it into a new search engine, or the spammers are ramping up operations lately. Just today there were eight spam comments over here on BerthaBlog. Usually long URLs with .ru endings and generic statements like “Really interesting article!”

Nobody ever sees it but me (not even the search engines), because Akismet does a great job catching it all. So far it’s caught all the spam and none of the real comments. If I ever have an income again I plan to donate some money to its author.

Even on Twitter, the spammers lie in wait. I make a tweet about World of Warcraft, and I’m immediately followed by an account that has nothing but links to WoW gold sellers. I tweet about cleaning something, and suddenly I’m followed by “Phoenix Cleaning.”

The only thing more laughable than the spammers’ transparent efforts to garner attention is the notion that someone, somewhere, must respond to these tactics. Would someone actually hire a cleaning company just because their automated Twitter-bot triggered on a keyword mentioned in a tweet?

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