Nov 022009

Friday morning I felt fine.

Friday night I was starting to feel kind of bleh.

Saturday I was flat-out sick. Not the flu, no fever. Some kind of upper-respiratory thing; my upper back felt like someone had been beating me with a rubber hose—from the inside.

Spent the weekend largely unconscious, thanks to the good folks at Vicks and their magical Nyquil potion.

Today I’m well enough that the inactivity is bugging me, but not well enough to pick up my usual activities. I’ll have to re-start the Couch to 5k program next week. Probably not a good idea to engage in heavy cardio while recovering from a respiratory infection.

Alpha Geek has been supplying me with soup, and The Director helped out by taking out the trash and attempting to tidy up in the kitchen a little. I’ve been nagging them all to wash their hands frequently. Really don’t want to pass this thing around if we can avoid it.

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  1. So…I guess that explains your absence from the raid Sunday night. :)

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