Nov 162009

There has been a lot of rain here lately, but that wasn’t the cause of the flooding. The rising waters came from our washing machine.

The source was a bit of a mystery. Last week I went to put the clothes in the dryer, and found a puddle creeping out from under the washer. I visually inspected all the hoses and connections, but couldn’t find anything.

I filled the tub with water. No leak.

I drained the tub. Nada.

I did another load of laundry, checking frequently for puddles. Nothing.

Another load of laundry—and a puddle. No idea where it came from. Dammit.

I was reluctant to call an appliance repairman without knowing the source of the leak, especially when the leak couldn’t be counted on to show itself. I put off doing laundry over the weekend (like I needed an excuse).

This morning I did laundry. Went downstairs frequently to check for puddles. And lo and behold, on my second reconnoiter I heard water trickling down behind the machine. It wasn’t coming from any of the hoses; it was pouring back out of the big pipe the washing machine drains into.

Pipe must be clogged. Plumber coming tomorrow. Good thing I didn’t call an appliance repairman.

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