Dec 302009

By now Duchess has gotten used to Devant’s presence, at least enough that she no longer needs to hide under our bed all day. She comes out when he’s around, and even crept over to have a sniff at him once. But she’s still skittish, because she’s a timid creature—it took her weeks to get used to Alpha Geek and the boys.

Devant lives with cats himself, and is rather hurt by her reticence. “I’m going to make friends with your cat,” he declared this evening, and set about trying to win Duchess over.

Unfortunately though he lives with cats, and likes them, he doesn’t appear to understand them. He doesn’t know how to relate to a timid cat in a way that reassures her. He approaches her as he would one of the cats with whom he’s familiar, animals who know him and will come willingly for petting.

Naturally this approach freaks Duchess out. She’s gotten to where she’ll come out and be with us, and even play, while Devant is around, but she feels very uncomfortable at having him advance on her. Whenever he attempts it, she flees to the basement.

He seems to have abandoned the effort for the evening. Duchess has curled up right beside me, where it’s safe.

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