Feb 022010

Got a call from the temp agency this morning—they’ve got a two-week assignment near the end of the month, if I’m available.

Oh yeah, I’m available.

It’s something at the post office, not an accounting job, but it will give me a) a paycheck and b) some current employment to put on my résumé. I suspect the ten-year-gap in my work history is hurting my chances as much as my lack of experience.

They’re sending me some forms and the location of their approved drug testing company. Yeah, I’ll have to get drug testing. Passing it won’t be a problem—I’m not even on birth control any more—but it’s still demeaning. But I’ll put up with it for the same reason anyone else does: because I need the work.

  One Response to “Woot, A Job!”

  1. Grats on the job! There’s always a chance that the employer will extend the time, or is trying people out before they hire them on a permanent basis.

    Yeah, I’ve had to take a drug test for my last two jobs, too. Kinda silly, but I guess they don’t want to have to worry about their employees being arrested for drug charges. Though, I guess it could be about the drug use itself, too – though someone with a drug problem would quickly reveal themselves through their lack of job performance, most likely.

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