Feb 182010

Yesterday I went to learn how to count mail for the USPS.

Our little group learned how to distinguish between letter, flat, and parcel (each group gets counted separately). There’s a nifty little gauge for measuring anything that’s so close to the size boundary that we can’t just eyeball it. There’s a particular form to fill out with our totals (of course there is, this is the government), and we have to fill it out in just a certain way (natch). It’s important that we count accurately, because the letter carriers’ salaries are determined in part by this data.

It took an hour, but we’ll get paid for four because that’s the temp agency’s minimum. Woot!

So I’ve got work for a couple of weeks. Paycheck = good. Even better, I’m hoping after I’m done my manager from this job will allow me to use him/her as a reference for future work. I strongly suspect that a major stumbling block in finding a job is the fact that I’ve been out of the work force for so long; I’m hoping a current reference on my résumé will help to remedy that.

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