Mar 012010

Today my first paycheck came in the mail! (I need to get my direct deposit set up, stat.) Not a lot, just for the hours I spent training for this job. Still, it’s great to be getting a paycheck again.

For the record: counting mail is boring. It’s one of those jobs that is monotonous and mind-numbingly dull, yet requires your full attention. The count must be accurate because it affects the carriers’ salaries. You also have to categorize things correctly, because some are worth more (pay-wise).

Most days we get all the mail counted and leave before noon. They do need one person to stay until the carriers return from their routes, and count the mail they picked up. We’re rotating days so we all get a couple each week; I drew Saturday and Tuesday for my long days. Saturday was an eleven-hour shift. I haven’t been on my feet that long since my waitressing days.

It’s not a job I’d want to do all the time, but as a temporary thing it’s tolerable. At least I get to work in the back and don’t have to deal with customers. Locker room gossip informs me they’ve recently reduced the number of clerks out front, and the ones remaining are swamped.

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