Jun 192010

In December 2009, I finished all my classes required for the A.A.S. in Accounting. At that time, all the job postings required “one to two years of experience.” I sent résumés out on the theory that a two-year degree could arguably fill that requirement.

These days, the job ads are asking for five or six years of experience, or a Master’s in Accounting.

I did a little research on the prerequisites for the Master’s in Accounting at my local university. Turns out I have all but one of the required classes to enroll in their program. So I’ve signed up to take that one class this fall.

Of course, pursuing a Master’s will cost tens of thousands of dollars, which we currently do not have, and I’m not sure if we should invest that kind of money when I still don’t know if it will lead to an income. But I figure it never hurts to expand my options.

And when I go to class this fall, I’m pasting this on the cover of my notebook:

The Eternal Mystery

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  1. I’m honoured! :)

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