Jun 292010

Granted, at this point I’d probably love any job. But I suspect I’ll still like this one a year from now.

I went in today to get a little training—the contractor they’ve got doing the books is going on vacation tomorrow, so they wanted to introduce me to the system before she leaves. When she gets back she’ll stay another two weeks, holding my hand and getting me up to speed on how everything works. Then it’s all me. I’ll have an actual office and everything.

There were only a few of us working in the church offices today, and a few other ladies running the church preschool. Apparently this is common during the summer, but winter will probably be busier.

After an overview of their processes we did a bank deposit. Then I got to reconcile the bank account, did a little filing, and helped get the newsletter ready for mailing. They might also let me help out with the church web page. Basically all the geeky stuff I like to do in my spare time anyway (well, except the filing).

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