Jul 262010

Cricket wasn’t at work today; her doctor told her to take some time off. I was still able to ask questions via phone and e-mail.

I was tempted to not mention the disks, but if Cricket’s going to be mad at me, better to get it over with. I sent her an e-mail explaining that the disks were not where I’d left them, and asking her to check her bag to make sure she hadn’t gathered them up by mistake.

Still, my big-girl panties didn’t quite fit—I waited until just before I left to send it.

So tomorrow I should find out for sure whether Cricket had the disks all along.

What I Hope She Says:

“You were right, they were in my bag all this time. I hope you didn’t worry too much about this.”

Much More Likely:

“They weren’t in my bag either. Are you sure you left them in the office? I told you not to lose those, they cost me $400!”


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