Jan 112011

Yesterday I went out to the store to get some milk and ground beef and a few other things. The store was nearly empty of customers, which I thought was strange with the big snowfall predicted.

Back at home, I started checking that I had all the ingredients to make lasagna. I got lasagna noodles a week ago, told the Artist I would be making lasagna (his favorite)… and then I got sick. For most of a week, I was barely up to heating soup on the stove. Lasagna? Forget it.

So now that I was more-or-less recovered, I intended to make the promised lasagna. Except I forgot to get mozzarella cheese. Dammit. I asked Alpha Geek to run up to the store and get me some.

Nearly two hours later, he returned. Apparently the ravening hordes descended on the grocery stores just after I left. He had to go to three different stores to find mozzarella.

But it’s a good thing I went yesterday, because overnight we got snow. And sleet. And ice. Strangely, the worst of it hit south of us. The Atlanta airport is closed because of all the snow. I was trying to remember if my buddy Val is traveling this week. Hope you’re not stranded somewhere, dude.

Schools went from a two-hour delay to closed for the day. Even the colleges are all closed. I guess I get another day to recover from the cold.

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  1. I’m pleased to report that my traveling days appear to be over, at least for the time being. So, I didn’t get stuck in Dallas – instead, I got stuck at home, and am still stuck. I am not going to attempt to drive on the sheet of ice that’s covering the steep hill of the street in front of our house, unless one of the kids breaks something while sledding. I’m just as happy working from home. :)

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