Apr 012011

We seem to be mostly recovering from the horrible plague. The Artist bounced right back; he went to class yesterday. I was less resilient; I didn’t go to class yesterday, even though it meant missing a test.

Since Tuesday night my chest has hurt. At first it was pretty much constant, now it only hurts if I move around too much. It’s weird and unpleasant. I get dizzy and short of breath if I’m too active. I don’t know if I now have some kind of respiratory infection, or if this is a side effect of having no solid food since Monday night (and probably being dehydrated as well). Hope this goes away soon. I hate being sick.

Duchess is glad we’re all feeling better. Her feeding routine was completely off, and no one was playing with her. I still haven’t summoned the energy to deal with her litterbox, it must be frightful by now.

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