Apr 112011

I don’t know what it is, how they do it. Everywhere they go, they know people. We have a fairly recognizable last name, so often when I introduce myself I’ll get “Oh, you must be related to…”

And I don’t just mean around town. I hear it when I go to other cities. I got it once when I went down to Atlanta to visit a friend. It’s uncanny.

This weekend Alpha Geek was watching a show called Flying Wild Alaska. He likes watching shows about flying, even though he finds it frustrating that their editors clearly know nothing about airplanes. Watching a series of shots showing the same airplane, supposedly all from the same take-off: “See, there he’s got his flaps set at ten percent, which is correct for a short field take-off. There, flaps at ten percent. Flaps at ten percent. No flaps. Flaps at ten percent again.”

So his parents happened to drop by while we were watching it, and he watched with his dad while his mum showed me some stuff. The pilots were flying up to some little town in Alaska called Kotzebue. It’s a town near the arctic circle, there are like a hundred people living there.

Alpha Geek’s dad remarked, “Oh look, they’re flying into Kotzebue.”

His mum said, “Oh, see if you spot Linda.”

Seriously. True story.

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