Jul 272011

At work, we generally go to lunch on our own individual schedules. Often the office admin and I wind up having our lunch at the same time, so naturally we chat a bit.

One afternoon she was musing about whether she should put styrofoam in the microwave, or would it melt. “I don’t think it would melt, unless the food gets hot enough to melt it,” I opined.

“Okay, if it doesn’t work, I’m blaming you,” she teased me. “After all, you’re the microwave expert.”

I looked at her straight-faced and said, “You know, that’s actually on my résumé.”

For a second—just a second—she goggled at me. Then she said “No, it’s not!” and we both started laughing.

Now that’s her running joke whenever someone says they can do something. “I know, it’s on your résumé.”

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