Sep 052011

So I’m switching Duchess to Blue Wilderness, a dry cat food that has no grains. My health has noticeably improved since I cut grains out of my diet, and I figured if grains are bad for a primate like myself, they can’t be any good for an obligate carnivore.

The last time I tried to change her cat food, I was stupid and just started putting down the new stuff instead of the old stuff. It was even the same brand of cat food, I’d just gotten the fish flavor instead of the chicken. Phurball used to love fish flavor.

She wouldn’t touch it. She barely touched any food for two days, at which point I bought some of her old chicken-flavored food and gave the entire bag of fish-flavored food to the shelter where we’d gotten her.

This time, I planned to be smart about it. I started mixing in a little of the Blue Wilderness with her regular food, so she would get used to the smell and appearance of it. The plan was to increase the ratio until I ran out of the old food.

Apparently she likes the Blue Wilderness. She’s been carefully picking out the nuggets of the new food and eating it all first. Then she comes and tells me she’s out of food. Then an hour later she goes back and reluctantly finishes off the food that’s still in her dish.

Cats. They’re as bad as toddlers.

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