Oct 092011

Elections are coming round in our area. The long-incumbent mayor is stepping down, leaving a number of candidates hopeful that they might actually have a shot at the job now. We’re also voting for members of the city council, and several bond issues.

Friday I went around to one of the early voting locations to put in my two cents.

Usually voting locations forbid campaigning within a certain distance of the site. Apparently that wasn’t the rule here; I had to run a gauntlet of candidates who wanted to introduce themselves, shake my hand, hand me literature. Many of them were running for city council in districts for which I wouldn’t even be voting. I extricated myself as politely as I knew how and finally made it to the voting place. I was asked to turn off my cell phone before entering. On my way out, I tossed all my collected leaflets into the recycling bin set out for that purpose.

I am left wondering two things:

One: Why did they want me to turn my cell phone off? Were they afraid I was going to cheat on the voting test?

Two: Is there a point to campaigning on the very doorstep of the voting site? Hasn’t everyone already decided who they’re voting for by the time they arrive?

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