Nov 112011

It’s nice to finally be on a career track. This spring I’m going to take a certified bookkeeper course at the local community college; by the time I’ve finished the course and taken the exams, I’ll have the two years’ work experience that is the other requirement. Maybe at some point I’ll go for a CPA—but to me, CPA means “really knows her shit,” and I’d like to feel a lot more confident that I do, in fact, really know my shit before going that route.

And at some point I’ll probably want a different job. I like my job now, and I really like the people I work with, but I’m really only working with one small aspect of the accounts. I’d like to keep the books for just one organization, and work with everything. When I was working for the church, I was doing receivables, payables, payroll, taxes, as well as all the filing, helping with the newsletter, keeping track of who signed up for their weekly supper, and so on. I really enjoyed it, and I’d like to eventually get back to something like that.

I’d especially like to work for a non-profit; between the training seminar and the research I did on my own while working for the church, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on making the best use of Quickbooks in a nonprofit environment. And as long as I’m daydreaming, I’d like to work in a place that didn’t have a bookkeeper, or had one that wasn’t doing a very good job, so I can come in and straighten everything out and be the hero for once.

Maybe someday.

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