Jan 132012

(TMI warning. Squeamish males may want to hit the pageback button now.)

My monthly courses tend to follow a pattern. A day or two of anemic flow, a day when my uterus attempts to eject itself from my body, and another day or two of anemic flow. During that middle one, I carry half a dozen maxipads with me to work. Usually that’s enough.

Yesterday was the main event, periodically speaking. The cramps, the clots, the constant abdominal ache, the period shits. Yeah, guys (if you’re still reading), this is why we get cranky.

Last night I went to bed wearing a tampon and a maxipad. When I woke up the bed still looked like a scene from Hostel. Dammit. I’m not a fan of getting older, but I sure won’t miss this crap.

Just to add to my fun, the vent hose to the dryer has come loose. I don’t know who designs these things, but the screw I need to tighten to clamp it back down is under an overhang with three inches of clearance. My screwdriver is seven or eight inches long. Who the hell designs these things?!

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