Feb 232012

The only reason I had even noticed my license expired was that I got a call from our auto insurance company. Apparently the DMV no longer sends you mail to remind you that you’re going to need to renew your license soon. I guess they decided they had to save the postage now that they’re mailing the license to you, rather than handing it to you while you’re there at the DMV office itself.

So I had to wait about a week for my new license, then I called the insurance company to let them know it was renewed and tell them the new expiration date. Yay me, getting things done like a boss.

The next day I got voice mail from the insurance company asking me to call them back.

Naturally I assumed there was some problem with the new license information. Maybe she had entered it incorrectly and gotten an error, and she needed me to give her the info again. Whatever.

I phoned them this morning. Turns out it had nothing to do with my license; apparently I just tripped some kind of “time to pitch services” trigger in their computer. She wanted to offer me a) health insurance (no), and b) automatic payment debits from my checking account (hell no).

Sheesh. If I’d known they were just trying to sell me shit I wouldn’t have bothered.

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