Apr 062012

Recently my city passed a law that it’s illegal to take things out of the recycling bins.

Apparently some entrepreneurial souls have been going around town on recycling day, gathering up materials from the bins people set out at the curb. They take the recyclables to the local recycle center and sell them for cash.

Personally, I have no problem with this. Here are some people who have found a way to make some cash with other people’s leftovers. I think this is a laudable enterprise.

The company who has contracted to collect our recycling feels differently. They paid for all these recycling bins, and their argument is that only they should be allowed to use them.

Now I’m wondering—if I set my recycling out in something other than the official recycling bin, is it illegal for other people to take things out of it? Because personally I’m willing to just set my recycling out for whoever comes by first.

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  2 Responses to “Stealing Recyling”

  1. The recycling contractor hired by the City of Raleigh is bonded and insured. If one of their employees sees the nice stuff in your house while they’re getting your recycling, comes back later, and steals it, then you have recourse against both the city and the contractor, and the deep pockets of their respective insurance companies. This sounds stupid and discriminatory against the little guy, but it is actually a really important benefit for homeowners (even if they don’t know it).

    • Does that mean it’s also illegal to take things out of someone’s trash cans? It’s a fairly common practice around here to leave things out by the curb that you don’t want, especially things you can’t fit into your car to take to Goodwill (like an old chair or floor lamp).

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