May 072012

I was trying to make a copy of an exercise DVD, because I didn’t want to scratch up the original that I’d actually paid money for.

Ashampoo got an error, and suggested I should try installing a later version of itself. Okay.

The install program asked if I wanted to install the Ashampoo toolbar in my browser. I unchecked that.

Five minutes later, I go to my browser and there’s the Ashampoo toolbar.

And it seems to have reset my default search engine from Google to Bing.

Can’t wait to find out what else it did without my permission. I’ve uninstalled every trace of Ashampoo I could possibly find on my computer. Perhaps someone can recommend a CD burning program that isn’t owned by Microsoft.

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  1. Nero

    • I used to use Nero. I can’t remember why I didn’t install that when I moved to the new machine. Back to Nero!

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