Jul 042012

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve had it mirrored over to LiveJournal, because that’s where most of my usenet friends collected when usenet went down the tubes.

A while back (I don’t know, three or four months? Alpha Geek will tell you I’m terrible with time) LiveJournal changed something and all their formatting went to shit. I could still read it, and post comments, but I had to scroll through a page or two of unordered lists because their style sheets were fucked. Oh well.

Their latest change seems to have killed LJ completely for me. I can read posts, but I can no longer read comments. I just see the list of menu items (all vertical, since there’s no styling), and a comment box that I don’t use because it just replies to my own posts. I see the comments via e-mail, but I can’t see them on LJ and hence can’t reply to them.

So everyone who’s been making comments to my last few entries, I see you—I just can’t answer you. At least, not in Chrome, and I know myself well enough to know I won’t be opening a separate browser just to keep up with LJ. (If more sites were breaking I’d switch, but since it just seems to be LJ I probably won’t.)

I miss the days when web developers would try their code out in several different browsers before they released it.

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