Feb 012013

I think I saved my boss from a scammer yesterday.

I’ve kind of become the unofficial tech person in the office. (I’m not sure how this happened; most of the time they figure out the problem themselves while I’m there.)

So yesterday, my boss was walking by and handed me his cell phone, saying “See if you can figure out what she’s talking about.”

On the other end was a lady with an Indian accent telling me my computer was sending some kind of tech-sounding thing to their servers, and she was going to tell me how to remove the virus.
At first I thought she meant his computer had picked up a zombie virus and was spamming people, so I said we’d call our IT guy—and she said “No, no one else can fix this, you need to go to our website.”

I basically told her it was our IT guy or nothing, and she hung up.

Then I did a search on the company she said she was from… “Windows Computer Services.” Scam city.

I relayed the info to my boss and went back to work. Stupid scammers wasting everybody’s time.

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