Feb 062013

This morning I was hobbling worse than ever, and couldn’t even straighten up. I managed to get an appointment with my excellent chiropractor this afternoon, though. He said I’ve sprained my something-something ligament, one of the ones in my hip, and he manipulated and adjusted and I feel much better. I can stand up straight now, and rather than a constant stabbing pain throughout my lower back, I now have a constant throbbing just over my left hipbone.

The Boss decided he didn’t feel confident with the lady he had hired to keep the books for his new company, so now he’s put me in charge of the A/R and billing and one of our payroll girls is doing their payroll. Monday and Tuesday I was sitting in while the other lady got training, but today she was gone and I was getting the training. Around two o’clock we checked in with The Boss, and he was tickled to hear I was picking it up quickly. I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

So now I’m doing my job, learning to do the new job, and helping to train our newest employee in some of my current duties so she can pick up some of the work I do while I’m over there working on the other company. It’s a little bit hectic this week.

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