Feb 112013

So I now officially have two jobs. Or maybe a job and a half.

I’ll be working the regular 40 hours/week at the first job, and then clocking in to the other company to work however long it takes to do what needs doing for them. The lady I’m replacing was expected to work part-time, so I’m going on the assumption that I’ll be working less than ten hours a week. Once, that is, I get everything set up and working smoothly.

I’m just a tad overwhelmed right now. The other company was chugging along for all of January with none of the bookkeeping getting done, so I’m playing catch-up here. While learning how their processes work, while setting up the various merchant accounts and Quickbooks files and bank logins, while organizing all the files and paperwork and contracts. I’m being trained by the lady who used to take care of the invoicing, and she has an enormous amount of information about it in her head. She tried to organize it all in some notes for me, but every time she comes over to show me things, we wind up with a giant information dump where we’re doing A, and oh that’s right this also involves Y and you have to add 1,2, and 3 and these guys want theirs formatted in an Excel spreadsheet like so.

I’m about equally divided between excitement at all my new responsibilities and duties, and terror that I’m going to overlook something or fuck something up.

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