Feb 242013

Last night I was talking with Alpha Geek about an upcoming tax seminar. Our boss is pretty great about paying to let us go to training seminars; in April several of us are going to become better-acquainted with North Carolina sales and use tax laws.

I had attempted to get the new girl in the group, but that was just too many people gone from the office in one day. Instead she’ll man the front desk while Sparky goes with us.

I was telling Alpha Geek that I had wanted New Girl along so she’d learn some additional skills. She’s pretty busy now, but during the summer things will slow down, and I want to make sure she can do lots of things so she can continue to work as many hours as she wants.

He said “That sounds like manager-type thinking.”

Nope nope nope nope nope. Me, a manager? No way.

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