Jul 092013

This week, my project is to spruce up the résumé. Must find a job with health insurance. We could buy another house for what we’re paying in premiums. A bigger house. It’s just not a sustainable expense.

So anyway, I’m spiffing up the résumé—quietly, no need for my current job to know I’m looking.

Meanwhile, our washing machine has given up the ghost, because it found out we recently spent money repairing the toilets. I think it’s just a clogged hose, but the damn hose is so rusted onto the spigot that I can’t get it off without breaking it. I figure if someone’s going to break the plumbing, it should be a person who can repair it. So we’ve got someone coming out tomorrow to see what he can see.

Meanwhile, our emergency-repair savings that we spent years building up is now just about gone.

Damn you, forces of entropy!

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