Oct 042013

Warning to the easily-squicked: the topic for today is menstruation.

Yeah. The last couple of periods have been unusually long and heavy. Long, as in lasting eleven or twelve days instead of six or seven. Heavy, as in every hour I have to change my pad, I feel like someone’s been punching me in the abdomen all day, and I’m passing clots twice the size of my thumb.

Got my annual physical in a couple of weeks, I’m going to bring this up with the doc. My internet searches suggest fibroids, but I’d rather have the opinion of an actual doctor who has examined my actual body.

This morning I went to a networking thing (I’ve been going to a lot lately, trying to make lots of connections for the job hunt). This one involved a lot of “stand up, introduce yourself, sit down. Stand up, say something about the topic, sit down. Etc.” Of course any time I stand up or sit down, I drench another maxipad. I went to the restroom twice to change my pad during a 90-minute meeting. And these were the heavy-duty pads, too.

Srsly, I’ve gone from “this is annoying” periods to “how am I still alive if I’m losing this much tissue?” periods. I can feel the clots squidging out of me. It’s a little disconcerting. Hopefully the doc will say “Yes, that’s normal at your age,” and not “OMG you need to go to the hospital right now.”

So, all my middle-aged-and-up male friends, whatever issues you’re having with your meat suit, at least it’s not expelling great chunks of itself. I hope.

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