Nov 062013

Recently the Boss bought yet another company.

The first I heard about it was when he started copying me on mail from the previous owner with a little flyer they had made to send out to the company’s customers, announcing the change. Boss needed me to print it to his new color printer.

Next Boss wanted to see if I could set up e-mail addresses using the new company’s domain—admin at, sales at, that sort of thing. The company already has its domain name, but they don’t have e-mail for it, just a website.

The easiest way I know to do what Boss wants, since we don’t have our own SMTP server, is to sign them up for Google Apps. That’s how SecondCo is set up, so it has the advantage of being familiar to the boss.

I contacted the prior owner and introduced myself, and said I’d need her login information with whatever registrar she used for the domain. We’ll also want to transfer ownership of the domain to the boss.

She sent me the login info for their website. Which is great, we’re going to need that as well, but it won’t help with the e-mail setup the boss wants.

Another gentle inquiry made it clear she had no idea what I was talking about. So I did a quick whois lookup, found out who she’s registered with, and e-mailed THEM asking what SHE needs to do to start the transfer process. Hopefully they won’t think I’m some kind of registrar scammer trying to steal their domain name.

I am more and more confident that I should be getting paid a lot more.

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