Dec 032013

Had another job interview yesterday. I may have a shot, they said they’ve got about half a dozen people to interview this week and will make a decision by early next week.

It’s a little bit scary to contemplate getting this job; there’s more responsibility than I currently have. Part of me says “Yeah, I can totally do that!” and the other part says “Shit, I could totally fuck that up!” But if I want more money it will almost certainly mean more responsibility, so I’d better get used to the idea.

Since I was fairly serious about this application, I also asked a few of my co-workers if I could use them as references. So now that cat is out of the bag, at least for a few people. I don’t think any of them are inclined to gossip to the boss (if I did I wouldn’t have asked them), but in such a small company it’s probably a matter of time until someone more inclined to tattle overhears something. Hopefully that won’t happen until I have an offer somewhere.

One of my co-workers (the lady who’s in charge of running SecondCo) asked if I’d be willing to stay on if the Boss could pay me enough that I could buy personal health insurance. Honestly, I don’t think boss could pay me that much—non-group insurance is ridiculously expensive. But even if he could, I want opportunities to grow and learn, and I think that would be best found in a larger company, surrounded by other accountants and doing a more scary and challenging job.

So I’m still perusing the job boards, because I don’t have a new job until they make an offer and I want to keep a bunch of interviews in the pipeline.

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