Jan 172014

We’ve been setting up SecondCo’s server so that it can more or less automate the invoicing.

This has been a much more complicated process than I expected it would be, apparently because our IT guy doesn’t make any effort to ensure SecondCo’s drivers are all current, so when I attempt to view it remotely via LogMeIn, the whole works goes kerflooey because the video drivers are too decrepit to do the job.

So this week I managed to do the invoicing from last week. I hope that Monday I’ll be able to do the invoicing from this week. In theory, the new setup will make the invoicing faster because it will be automated and I won’t need to enter everything manually. In practice, I haven’t been able to test this yet because I can’t stay connected to the remote computer.

However, today I did manage to stay connected long enough to do the W2/W3 forms for 2013. Which makes me happy, because it needed to be done and I hate getting behind.

Monday we have payroll. I also have my first wage garnishment. How exciting. I spent a fair amount of time today researching garnishment laws and requirements in my state, and how to set up a wage garnishment for an employee. I think I’ve got it covered. I sent an e-mail to the employee in question to alert her that her wages were being garnisheed. I set up the Quickbooks items so it would all be done automatically. I set up an Excel spreadsheet to double-check that Quickbooks was doing it right.

It’s kind of funny, really—this is the third or fourth time the state has sent me a garnishment notice, but up until now all the people involved had already been laid off. This is the first one that involved someone who was still working for SecondCo.

So now I know more than I want to about wage garnishment in my state. Yay me.

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