Nov 072014

(Warning: TMI medical/female stuff)

Recovery has been going well, no bleeding after the first night, hadn’t taken any pain meds after the first few days, back to work, feeling fine. Then yesterday around 10:30 I suddenly started bleeding heavily. No idea why, I wasn’t doing anything strenuous (just sitting in a chair at work).

If it had been light bleeding I would have just gotten a maxipad and continued with work, but this was alarmingly heavy and included big clumps of tissue. So I excused myself from work and hied myself to the ER. I thought about texting Alpha Geek, but then decided to wait and see if it was really something serious. (Alpha Geek later informed me, with some exasperation, that any time I go to the ER it’s serious enough to let him know.)

The ER was crowded yesterday. I got triaged, they took my vitals, then I sat in the waiting room for about four hours. Luckily I had brought spare maxipads.

By the time a physician was available to have a look, the bleeding had stopped completely, and I felt like a drama queen for coming in at all. (“Really, I was bleeding very heavily before.”) But the doctor said it was just as well. Her speculation was that a scab had come loose and started the bleeding, and the bleeding stopped when the blood formed a new scab, but it was good that I’d come to the ER in case the scab had been on a larger artery and wound up bleeding really badly.

So they sent me on home, where I took a Tramadol and left a message for my surgeon about the incident in case she wanted to move my post-op visit up as a result.

Today I just worked a half day, then went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book to read over the weekend. I figure I’ll rest up and avoid heavy chores and hope the damn thing heals up more securely.

With the uterus gone and my hemoglobin up I’m feeling more energetic and wanting to be active, but apparently I’m not quite up for it yet.

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