Feb 062015

My paycheck will be late next week. Boss moved all the money out of Co. 1 to make payroll for Co. 2 this week, and will be out of town at least until Monday night so won’t be available to put cash in before our payroll.

We’re going to use what little cash we have to pay the payroll girls, as they’re all living paycheck-to-paycheck and can’t afford a late one. Fortunately, thanks to Alpha Geek’s new job, we’re almost back to living on last month’s income per Rule Four of the YNAB budget method, so we won’t be in a crisis if mine is a few days late. (And Freda works because she got bored being retired, so it won’t hurt her either.)

I’ve interviewed at two different companies this week. I mentioned the payroll issue to Alpha Geek, and wouldn’t it be wonderful timing if, the first time we missed payroll, I immediately gave two weeks’ notice?

Alpha Geek thinks I should do that regardless of whether I have a new job lined up.

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