Mar 272015

Earlier this week, the boss sent around an e-mail discussing how he wants us to do things around the office. He does that once or twice a year, which is actually a good thing considering the turnover.

One of his policies is that the phones must always be answered immediately. Even if we’re with a client. The client can wait while we deal with whoever called.

I suspect this policy came about because the boss doesn’t like clients calling him. A lot of them are rather spoiled and expect their payroll person to answer immediately when they call. They won’t leave voice mail, instead if they get no answer they’ll start calling the other extensions in the office until they get someone.

I think this policy is asinine. As a customer, I always feel it’s rude for a service person to stop in the middle of our transaction to answer the phone. This is why we have voicemail. Beyond the discourtesy, it’s gorram negligent to sit there discussing someone’s confidential business on the phone while another client is sitting across from you.

Luckily I rarely have clients in my office, that’s mostly the payroll side.

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