Nov 262015

We’re hanging around the house for the holiday. No trouble getting a bird in spite of the rumored turkey shortage. I’ll start prepping for lunch shortly, and afterwards Alpha Geek will work on his assignments and the boys and I will probably loaf about reading or playing computer games. And after that comes the best part of Thanksgiving: leftovers! I won’t have to make food for at least a couple of days.

This morning I got a call from the security company that monitors my old workplace, to let me know the security alarm went off. I let them know I don’t work there any more, so they said they’d take me off the contact list. Guess nobody at the old place thought to do that. Usually when the alarm goes off it’s a cleaning crew who forgot the alarm code. Makes me feel bad for the cleaning crew if they have to work today though. Presumably they called my old supervisor next, who probably had to go out and turn off the alarm. Glad it’s not my problem any more.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

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