Dec 142015

I did make one foray into a mall after work today, to pick up our Hickory Farms. We have something of a tradition of spending Christmas Eve noshing on Hickory Farms and sipping wine. (I am technically working from home on Christmas Eve, but typically I’m done with my work by noon.)

I managed to get to the mall a little before five o’clock, so I think I missed the worst of the crowd. A handsome young man attempted to draw me over to his kiosk to sell me beauty products of some sort, but I cheerfully declined and flounced away. The beauty product kiosks are the trapdoor spiders of the mall at this time of year; you’re strolling by gawking at the displays and the lights and then BOOM someone is massaging lotion on your hands or smoothing your fingernails or something. In my younger days I would always get snared, and wind up wasting twenty minutes of my time and theirs when I had zero interest in whatever they were selling, but nowadays I’m old and wily and skitter out of reach.

So all told, I spent about ten minutes in the mall. Now we are well-stocked with overpriced sausages and cheeses, and all set for Christmas Eve lounging and snacking.

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