Jan 222016

The winter storm that’s been making its way across the country arrived in our area overnight. We’ve got winter storm warnings, the governor has declared a state of emergency, and schools and businesses are closed.

This morning I woke up to see a light covering of sleet and snow across the ground. Throughout the day more has fallen off and on, a mix of sleet, snow, and freezing rain. The ground is patchy with snow. The trees and cars are all covered in a fairly thick glaze of ice.

Back in the fall, when cooler weather arrived, The Director bought Duchess a heated pet bed. When it’s cold she’s either snuggled up to us, or sprawled out in her warm bed. That’s where she was when I got up this morning.

Shortly before noon, Duchess bestirred herself. She had a bite to eat, then strolled over to the window to survey her domain.

She lost her casual mien when she reached the window. You could practically see a thought bubble over her head labelled “What the hell?”

Her stunned expression amused me greatly. She spent a good ten minutes inspecting the yard from different angles. I know she’s seen snow at least once, but it was obviously quite a surprise to her.

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